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April 07, 2016  •  5 Comments



The Star WhispererThe Star WhispererPrint Size 40.6 x 40.6cm

So here it is my new website complete with blog page - eek! What am I going to write about??

In 3 months I have gone from having a job - to getting a website, blog and a dream that I can make it as an artist!

This has been such a beautiful and unexpected turn in my life.  All the stars have definitely lined up.  A bit of money to help me get started, a wonderful husband who believes in me and is working to support us while I make the transition and a beautiful friend Andrea (www.andrealeefisher.com) that has inspired and steered me in the directions I want to go.  Also responsible for this journey has been my teacher and mentor Sebastian Michael, leader of the advanced photo artistry course AWAKE (www.fineartgrunge.com) and the huge amount of artists worldwide in this course who have critiqued, supported and encouraged me to see my talent and set forth to a new frontier.

So here we go - watch this space.... first hugely exciting stop this month is the Brooke Shaden Workshop in Melbourne.  (If you don't know who she is - amazing American Conceptual Artist -  check her out at www.brookeshaden.com.  Stay tuned and I'll show you all the fantastic ways that I'm sure it will influence and inspire my work in the coming months.

Until then travel safe and have fun



June Krisko(non-registered)
It's been amazing to watch you grow as an artist in the AWAKE course. Your website is stunning and I know you'll do very well in your life as an artist.
Simone Woolhouse(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful! You have amazing talent and I can't wait to see your stories emerge. xx
Honey Lim(non-registered)
So pleased for you! I have every confidence you will succeed in pursuing this dream. I love the way you capture each woman in your art! Beautiful, alluring n just plain gorgeous! Love them n love you
Andrea Lee Fisher
Love you so much Hazel! What a gorgeous website to mirror a gorgeous human-being! So happy you have taken the leap and trusted your Heart to live the life you are destined for! It is an ab-soul-ute pleasure walking beside you as friend and dream-holder of what's within your Heart and watching it grow and grow and grow some more! Congrat's on the official site launch... I know anyone visiting will feel your passion and commitment to bringing beauty and self-acceptance to the World... xxx
JO WILMOT(non-registered)
Hi Hazel,
You are and inspiration! I am overcome by the beauty of your art, your tenacity to follow your dream and the way you've made it come to fruition. Yours is truly a great talent and I'm so happy for you!
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