I am a women’s portrait photographer based in Broome Western Australia. I have a romantic style, offering a “model for a day” experience. 

I have been blessed with a big overweight body all of my life, and I say blessed because it has finally become a gift. It now helps me to do what I do, because I painfully know what it feels like to not be comfortable in your own skin.  I know what if feels like to hide yourself, not wanting to be in photographs, knowing the disappointment I will feel when I see them.

The first time I was professionally photographed, it blew my mind, I had no idea that cameras could be used for good not evil.  That set me on a year long journey of self portraiture, learning how to use light, posing and angles to create beautiful pictures of myself.  Once I could do this for myself I realised I could do this for all women.

As a committed body love crusader I love women - big, small, young, old, I just love photographing and empowering women.  My whole life journey has been about my body and now I can confidently say at age 57 that I love my body and mean it.  Now I am on a mission to help other women move toward that goal too. My aim is to connect with women, take photographs that change how they see themselves and have fun and laughs with them while doing this.

There isn’t a bigger joy in the world than to touch someone else’s life, in a way that helps them transform it.