The whole week before my photo day with Hazel, my mind was abuzz with questions: What will I wear? How will I look? How will I be changed by the experience? Will Hazel be able to capture the “real me”?  The day of my photo shoot was amazing. My dear Mum, about to turn 90 was with me for some of the photos. We had our hair and makeup done by Jess and looked sensational. Hazel led me through the different poses and looks with grace, humour and professionalism. With Hazel’s guidance, I discovered more of myself that day.  After the photo shoot day, I waited anxiously to see how Hazel’s camera had portrayed all the subtleties, light, colours, actions and thoughts that had gone into each photo.  Thank you Hazel. I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos.



I’ve tried to put this journey into words over and over but keep getting stuck, mainly because it was a very personal thing. I was very nervous when I arrived, I almost lost my nerve and considered cancelling, because doing this was way out of my comfort zone – which is a big part of the reason I decided to do it. I knew it would shake me up a little... and isn’t that when we really grow? The morning of the shoot I really rattled with some ghosts from my past that I didn’t realise I still needed to shed. But the more anxious I got, the more I knew I needed to do this. The decision to do this wasn’t a vanity-based thing, though it was fun dressing in different costumes, embracing different aspects of myself and getting all done up. It was about becoming more at ease with myself. I have worked really hard at healing a lot of pain from trauma in my past and the most difficult aspect of that was learning to love the physical me, when I had spent so much of my life feeling disconnected from myself and unsafe in my own body. So, turning 44 in June, this was a birthday gift to myself celebrating a stage in my life where I have really learned to love and accept myself on all levels – a clear marker in my journey of self-empowerment. And what more fitting way to mark that, than exploring Hazel’s “2018 Unhide Yourself” campaign. I have come out of the shadows and into the light of my life when once upon a time I felt so worthless I wanted to exit permanently. But i didn't and I am so very glad I chose life. The photographic journey I traveled with Hazel was about honouring that choice to free myself. And I can truly say that as the hours with Hazel passed, I felt an unfolding, a freeing, a letting go... and a deeper embracing of who I have found myself to be.

But I also wanted to share something with my partner Michael and am so glad he agreed, and so grateful to Hazel for granting that wish, spending the final hour and a half photographing us both. When Hazel asked us to write this, I spoke with Michael, asking about his experience that day. We talked about the magnitude of the connection the two of us share. How for us it holds the energy of something ancient and powerful, crossing so many lifetimes, calling us to find each other again and again. Michael is an inspiration to me. He has had to face some serious, physically painful obstacles in his life, and though living with daily pain, seeks to find the magic in life, as do I. He also makes me feel incredibly safe and protected and I wanted to capture that too. He is passionate about photography and to me, he tells stories with photos like others might with poetry. But this time he would be in front of the camera not behind it, the focus of the lens, and our feelings were the story being told. So he too was out of his comfort zone, while consciously letting his deepest feelings show and be photographed. For the shared part of this photographic journey, we wanted Hazel to be able to capture the timeless love we have for each other. Not so much so others could see it, but for us. How often do you actually see the energy of your love in a creative, photographic form? To tell the story of your love in pictures? It’s a really private, intimate thing. Hazel helped us feel comfortable enough to consciously reach into those deepest most intimate feelings of emotional love, normally only shown to each other. It’s about being vulnerable... letting go the protective elements we might place around ourselves when in the company of strangers. But also allowing that energy not only to be witnessed but to hold it honestly and openly as if alone, while being guided to create varying poses in order for that story, that energy, to be photographed. For two farm kids who grew up in the bush without much self-confidence, it was an experience new to us both! But Hazel, with Jess' gentle assistance, helped us feel comfortable and safe in order to do this. Thank you Hazel. We are really looking forward to seeing the story of us that you have told photographically. Imogen & Michael





From the moment I stepped into the studio with Hazel and Jess I felt completely comfortable and really nurtured. My daughter Freya and I had the morning together then the afternoon was just me. My daughter and I had heaps of fun and it was lovely to be photographed together. This process for me was about letting go and freedom and Hazel and Jess were amazing at facilitating that. I’ve struggled a lot in the past with self image, thinking I’m too this or not enough that, so this experience was about letting go of all that and accepting who I am - my femininity, my strength and my vulnerability. Hazel was also open to my creative ideas and using symbolism that was important to me.  There were many moments that took my breath away, thank you for that gift Hazel and Jess







My daughter and I had the absolute pleasure of being photographed by Hazel and hair and makeup done by the very talented Jess. We were both made to feel like superstars on the day of the shoot and felt really comfortable with the whole day. I could not recommend Hazel enough.



I was very interested in Hazel’s “Unhide Yourself in 2018” Campaign and took the plunge to book in, not really knowing what to expect. Hazel and Jess made me feel very supported, safe and beautiful. They made the day so much fun. And now I have some really beautiful photos of myself depicting my strength, courage and the transformation I’ve gone through. Thank you so much Hazel and Jess. Much love to you both.



Maddy and I were both so nervous and excited to have some nice photos together. I don’t know why because as soon as we stepped into the studio Hazel and Jess enveloped us with warm and welcoming smiles. It was a amazing experience and I’m so glad I had my gorgeous girl there with me as time flies. Thanks so much Hazel and Jess x







Before my photo shoot I was feeling really excited and a bit anxious as I was completely out of my comfort zone. I prefer to be behind the camera not in front of it and I struggle to put myself first and do something special just for me. I have never been more wrapped that I took a leap of faith, the whole experience was incredible. Hazel and Jess are truly amazing people, it was like arriving at an old friends very welcoming, full of laughs and so much fun. I was completely at ease the whole time and treated like a queen. I am so glad I didn't let the stories of I need to lose weight, I am not pretty enough, I don't deserve it etc that were running around in my head stop me from booking a session. I have been feeling completely different about myself since my session, I am totally worth it and I am a big beautiful woman.



Before the photo shoot I was feeling exited but a tad nervous as well.  But I needn’t have worried, when I arrived Hazel and Jess were there to greet me happy and ready for our day. Walking into the studio it was filled with the beautiful aroma of lemon myrtle and there was a beautiful selection of yummy snacks.

After having my hair and makeup done I was feeling amazing. I felt like a princess. I was treated like a celebrity by Hazel and Jess and the shoot was so much fun. We had lots of laughs and funny moments. So grateful I took the time to spoil myself for the day. Thank you so much for an awesome experience.



I thought when we first come up with the idea of a photo shoot, that it would be a mission to make me look glamorous considering I have put on heaps of weight with the medication I am on, however the beautiful Jessica and Hazel brought me out of my comfort zone. I WAS at ease, no nerves and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, so excited to see photos. Delighted to say when my husband picked me up at the finish he did not recognise me and said I looked lovely.



As I arrived I was placed in a magical wrap of love, fun, laughs, with chocolate and chamomile Tea. We journeyed through a magical time and space - collective alchemy creation. It brought joy, wonder, happiness and so much more!  Loving it so far, it has helped to mold a new sense of self. An aspect of the pieces of the puzzle to knowing my true self. To see the God-Dess in me in physical form. To acknowledge this in All .  Hazel and Jess made me feel as if I was a Queen Goddess the whole experience.



Heading to the studio at Hazel Blake Photography with my partner and daughter I was excited at the idea of getting some images to capture my pregnancy but I was also really anxious due to low self-esteem.  I quickly found that my worry was unwarranted and I was in great hands.  Hazel’s studio is so private and welcoming that I soon lost myself in the gorgeous big game of dress ups with all the amazing costumes, dresses and accessories available.  Knowing I lacked confidence, Hazel softly led the way by directing the shoot which made for a really natural and comfortable setting.  The entire experience was so fun and we bonded beautifully both as a couple and together as a family through doing it.  When we left, I left all expectations behind and was anticipating my usual critical self-analysis to occur when we saw images but things didn’t go that way at all.  We were presented with over 24 beautiful shots that truly took our breath away.  They capture my rawness, our happiness, tenderness and the love between in a way that I couldn’t have imagined possible.  Hazel captured a beauty that I had otherwise never seen in myself.  Looking at these images I feel womanly, strong, vulnerable and beautiful – this is the real gift.   We have decided to have all of them as we simply can’t choose between them.  Hazel, you are a true artist.  You see what it is we wish to see in ourselves and you capture it so beautifully and uniquely.  I’d highly recommend any body wanting beautiful photography done to book in with Hazel, talk to her and let her show you your own unique beauty, as I promise you she will do just that.



I have never been the sort of person who likes having their photo taken, maybe because photos can show you how the world sees you instead of how you see yourself. I've had some big changes in my life lately and when I saw Hazel's Unhide Yourself campaign I felt like it was the perfect opportunity for me to challenge the way I've felt and to grow as a person.

Hazel and Jess do a wonderful job at making you feel lovely and cherished for the person you are, and also at showing the world how beautiful you can be. I enjoyed every minute of my photo shoot and can't wait to see my photos. I am still on a high from the fun of the shoot and I'm sure every time I see my photos I'll get the same amazing feeling. Thank you so much for a wonderful day Hazel & Jess.



Thank you Hazel, what a delightful day! It was never my intention to have any photos taken. I had gifted a photo shoot, but they had cancelled so I rang Hazel and said I’m so sorry it’s all off but... what the hell, I will do it instead! Then I started thinking why on earth did I do that? I’m too old & fat for this. Nothing fits me. Oh NO. I found it confronting choosing my clothes, it was like picking daisy petals ... it fits me, it fits me not! which left me with Black, Black or Black? Yep I was a prime candidate for Hazel’s campaign yet I don’t usually feel old or frumpy - life is what it is, right? But I do avoid looking too long in the mirror. So, was I going to back out? No way! Having reached my Vera, Chuck and Dave age, I would have some fun with it!

On photo shoot day I was so nervous, but ready to laugh, enjoy the process and soak up being pampered. I spent a beautiful few hours with Hazel and Jess - I do think I smiled all day Hazel shares her own fun and creativity with you and is so easy-going, you cannot help but be calm as soon as you arrive. And the lovely Jess, naturally gentle and attentive the whole time. Ladies, what a professional experience, so well organised and planned, and in relaxed surroundings. I love the laughter and enthusiasm, it is infectious! I look forward to seeing the final results, I just know it will be awesome and also intriguing!



I've always hated my body shape and spent many years battling it. The last five years have been a struggle with physical and mental health issues that left my self-esteem pretty much shattered. Recently I've turned a corner and realised that regardless of its shape or size this body of mine has sustained me through every challenge.

What I found on Hazel Blake's website was inspiring and motivated me to take a leap of faith to accept who I am. That morning I am not ashamed to admit I was shaking and nervous when I arrived. These two compassionate, caring women, Jess and Hazel helped me relax, laugh and immerse myself in this amazing creative and nurturing experience. I experienced the most self affirming, fulfilling, positive, empowering healing experience with two of the most compassionate individuals (Hazel and Jess). You two have done so much for me, on so many levels, and I will always be grateful. My whole mindset has shifted in wonderful ways, and that's without seeing the photos yet. I left that day floating on air, proud, exultant and absolutely feeling beautiful.  "Unhide yourself", it will be worth it.



I thought a shoot with Hazel would be a fun thing to do, as well as to celebrate the person I've become 2 years out from a marriage separation and to give my kids some decent photos of Mum when I'm old and wrinkly that aren't selfies. I'm pretty happy behind a camera and I did say I was up for anything! Nudity? Easy. Undies? Easy. Lots of makeup and a lacy dress? A little more challenging, I'm more commonly seen on Facebook sporting high viz work wear or trail running gear - but hey this is all about uncovering layers of yourself and celebrating yourself as a whole person! It took a little while to get used to being coached into poses, I got used to the yummy snacks quickly enough though and it was great to chat with Hazel and Jess and see how passionate they are about what they do. And Hazel's enthusiasm behind the camera is infectious! I'm really interested to see how these shots turn out (I had trouble recognising myself in the camera display a couple of times) and how Hazel can capture parts of myself that aren't obvious to me but are clearly on show to other people



14 year old Jessica got a gift voucher for a headshot session to kickstart her acting ambitions.



 I do things that challenge me I go into acceptance & openness, with no expectation, which helps stop being too nervous.

I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot- you girls are great & made me feel very comfortable.



The title, ‘Unhiding’ really appealed to me. It felt like it was time to do something just for me and this project did just that. Hazel and Jess were professional but also fun and relaxed, and this quickly put me at ease. I particularly enjoyed the theatricality of the shoot done in the Pre-Raphelite style. Having photos done with my little dog was great fun too.



I was intrigued by Hazel’s ‘Unhide Yourself’ campaign and I was so nervous before the day, I had never contemplated anything like this before. I needn’t have worried as it was the most amazing experience I have ever been involved with –playing model for a day - Jessica Holland doing my hair and makeup made me look glamourous, and Hazel was fantastic, so patient and so clever! I can’t wait to see the photos!!





Before my special day with Hazel and Jess I felt a little nervous. I'd seen a lot of beautiful work that they'd done so was fairly confident about the result but not sure whether I'd be able to cope with all the costume changes and the long day. I needn't have worried as they both took great care of me to make sure I'd last the distance. It was more taxing being in "poses" than I'd imagined but Hazel was so patient and kind. I can't wait to see the results of the super fun day. I'm sure I will like them as I was already feeling more comfortable with the way I look when I left, confident and cared for. Thank you both.



I have been following Hazel on Facebook for a while now and I really enjoy the playful, creative and beautiful images she creates. When the ‘Unhide Yourself’ project came out it felt like she was talking directly to me. I heard myself say that I wasn’t ready to do something like that and that I am very unphotogenic but something deep inside pushed me to sign up. I can tell you I was way out of my comfort zone. Hazel and Jess made me feel at ease but it took a while for me to relax into the process. For me this is all about self-acceptance. I am who I am and that’s ok - in fact it’s more than ok, it’s exciting.



I felt both excited and nervous about the photo shoot. For myself, and I guess in the spirit of Hazel's "Unhide Yourself" campaign, I had planned to push the edges of my comfort zone a little! Thanks to Hazel and Jess, during the shoot I forgot about any inhibitions I may have had and enjoyed a day of fun, silliness and even a bit of dancing. And of course it was lovely to have a brief visit from my gorgeous boys. Thank you Hazel and Jess, I can't wait to see the results!



Before the shoot, I was intrigued by the idea of presenting myself in new ways. When the shoot finished I was exhausted and overwhelmed with anticipation. When I left the studio I felt totally confident and prepared to unhide myself, without needing to see any shots.  I put my faith in you and cant wait to see the results.



Before the shoot, I was really really hoping I wasn’t going to stuff it up and I’m still not sure I could take a good photo The shoot was so much fun and if my confidence shows through I’ll be happy. I didn’t expect to feel confident!

This is a real “model for a day” experience without the pressure of actually being a model!  Clothes, hair and makeup are all supplied and you still end up looking like you - just the best looking, most photogenic version of you! Hazel and Jess really do make it fun whilst feeling completely at ease. If you’re thinking of getting photographed, just do it! You won’t look back



Wow what a transformation! I walked into the photo shoot feeling tired, uninspired and overwhelmed, and a little nervous! But straight away I was put at ease and felt welcomed, pampered and understood by Hazel and Jess. What a team! It's such a lovely space Hazel has created; and as I gazed out over the water sipping my coffee and enjoying my hair and makeup being professionally done I started to relax and unwind. Then what fun trying on my outfits and channeling different parts of myself! And with Hazel's direction I found the photo shoot an interesting and freeing exercise. I walked out of there feeling refreshed, confident, pampered and happy. So great to have this time just for me! Thank you so much ladies.   Go on give yourself and your family this gift. You're worth it!



I am always the one taking the photos in my family and don’t love seeing photographs of myself. However, I’m approaching 40 and think it would be good to have some photos of myself to look back on when I’m older.  Although I was nervous about the shoot, Hazel very quickly put me at ease and the day was a lot of fun. It was a real treat to be able to do this just for myself and also to play dress-ups without the children around! Hazel and Jess are like fairy godmothers - I walked in to the studio my normal, everyday self and they transformed me into a 60’s party girl, Snow White and a goddess from ancient times. Thanks Hazel and Jess for a wonderful day. I can’t wait to see the photos.





Wow what a surprise. I found the studio session an empowering and uplifting process, especially as someone who does not enjoy being photographed. It was a delightfully playful experience and Hazel made it such a welcome and safe space in which to play. The final photographs are stunning and beautifully presented.



Hazel and Jess are exceptional! It's so hard to put the experience into words - such a subtle and deep shift in how I think of myself and my body.

A whole new level of acceptance and love! Many thanks you two x



I am not a person to fuss over hair and makeup and being centre of attention and I felt extremely apprehensive and nervous as the date approached. But I needn’t have worried. Jess did an amazing job on my hair and makeup and Hazel is a visionary behind the camera. There was much laughter all round to help put me at ease and I had so much fun dressing and glamming up. I truly felt like a supermodel for the day! It was the perfect way to celebrate me and my milestone birthday. Every woman deserves such an opportunity at least once in their lifetime, and Hazel Blake is, without a doubt, the best person to deliver it. I feel fortunate, and am very grateful, to have been given the chance to work with Hazel and Jess.



I was so nervous about this photo shoot. I’m so not into posing for photos and staring at cameras. Neither am I into dress-ups and professional make-up. Actually, truth be told, I’m a semi-scruffy, wash ‘n go, just a bit of light make-up in the morning, kind of woman. I did begin to relax a little as I got pampered having my hair styled and make-up applied and chatting with Hazel and her make-up assistant.

At the beginning of the photo-shoot I felt very awkward; like my body wasn’t allowed to flop into its own default slouch and I couldn’t belly-laugh and snort and triple-chin-it as much as my nerves wanted me to. I think Hazel sensed this. Because we had a giggle then a decent laugh and the nerves dissipated and everything seemed to become less serious and imposing for me. I was, after all, there to have a bit of fun and enjoy my beautiful self.

Hazel really made sure this happened. After a couple of outfit changes and various poses I really began to get the hang out of it. It became fun. I played with the camera; got sultry, got sassy, got silly, got shy. I even let hazel know when I’d had enough, didn’t like what I was doing or wanted to try something else. We laughed more. We became a team. A whole lot of me came out to play. And Hazel snapped that camera like crazy. If you’re curious I’d say step over the line, and have a go. I don’t think I could have done this with anybody else. It actually was fun.



I can highly recommend Hazel Blake Photography if you'd like a day to yourself being made up, dressed up and photographed whilst having cups of tea and coffee and nibbles! I have some amazing photos after my photo shoot last week. So happy. Thanks Hazel 😘



Leading up to my photo shoot with Hazel I was excited. However, the night before I felt nervous and unprepared. Hazel and Jess made me feel like a Victoria Secrets Model or a Hollywood Star. They worked together as a truly professional and artistic team. I felt so fortunate to have been a part of Hazel’s creative expression. I look forward to how our vision will come to fruition in post-production.



It is hard to find the words to describe such a wonderful experience at Hazel Blake Photography ! Hazel and Jess were so professional and so caring. I visited Hazel Blake Photography to celebrate that it is five years since my stroke. I still have some difficulties with my speech and understanding the spoken words. Fatigue overwhelms me on many occasions. I was a bit nervous before my visit in case I wouldn't be able to follow instructions and have the stamina to do it. Well it was an amazing experience! Hazel and Jess were so understanding, kind and helpful. It was enormous fun sharing the time with them them both.

Thank you ladies!



A fun photo shoot in a professional, relaxed and discreet atmosphere. Hazel went to great lengths paying attention to detail, to achieve the Game of Thrones look I wanted.  I don’t normally like so much attention focused on me, however and Hazel and her hair and makeup lady Jess made me feel quite deserving of the glamour and energy put into getting the photos just right.



I was given the opportunity to something completely terrifying and out of my comfort zone, and e entirely just for me. As a mother of five I know how easy it is to become lost in the label of ‘just mum’ when as women we are so much more.  Hazel through her amazing ability to capture what we ourselves don’t see gave me a beautiful gift I will treasure. Thank you so much to Hazel and the wonderful Jess for the magical day that will stay with me forever.



If you ever need some photos just call Hazel Blake and say can you, oh can you be my photographer. 2Maia did a photo shoot and the results are astounding with such a open mind creating from our own ideas. Plenty more business coming you're way.



I had the privilege of being photographed by the very talented Hazel Blake and I am so stoked by the end results!!

I'm not the one normally in front of the camera but behind it, but Hazel made me feel very comfortable and relaxed on the day!! Paired with Jess who worked her magic with my hair and makeup, they make a awesome team!!

The only hard thing about the whole experience is to actually choose which of the photo's you would like to take home with you, as you just love them all! I can totally recommend anyone who are considering to have some beautiful photo's done of themselves to use Hazel, and you will have photo's to last a lifetime!!

Thanks again Hazel xx



I honour and I thank the amazingly talented Hazel Blake and I receive a treasured gift of more than just photography.
I surrendered to the guidance and direction of both Hazel and the beautiful Jessica Holland. Xx
I celebrate my body, my beauty, my pleasure.

What a wondrous day - a professional photo shoot. Pampering and attention. Yummy food including chocolate. Its hard work posing all day. But so delicious to honour myself in this way and be honoured by others. If anyone gets the chance or wants some portrait photos to treasure, fine art photos to admire or sexy photos to honour your sexy self please give Hazel Blake a call and see what she has to offer.

Hazel Blake has created a process that deeply honours the divine feminine and beauty of women.
Her photography is stunning, and the entire experience is deeply luxurious and pampering.
Thank you so much.