I am a contemporary and creative portrait photographer based in Albany Western Australia. I have a romantic style, offering a “model for a day” experience. I capture fantasy, glamour, sexy, casual and professional styles.


I started out as a digital artist, but along the way I took up self-portraiture. Once I learned how to pose myself to look not only good but beautiful, I realised I could do this for other women too.


My passion has grown into to helping all women see their beauty. There isn’t a bigger joy in the world than to touch someone else’s life, in a way that helps them transform it. Knowing that you had a little itty bitty hand in that, wow! What better job is there! With portraits I have a chance to make a real difference and I love that!


As a creative photographer I like to play with the hidden self.  A love to create other personas, other worlds and other times – perhaps a renaissance look or a surreal piece with levitation, or walking on clouds or surrounded by butterflies.  I work with my client to find ways that they want to express themselves.


With all my portraits, both contemporary and artistic my hope is to create legacies for future generations that will live on after we have gone. In the age of digital, I believe printed and framed portraits are priceless. Photographs, capturing our time here on earth are honestly our most valuable possessions.